Current challenges

Despite the fact that 92% of the respondents said the consulting project was a success, only half of them re-engaged the same consultancy, exposing a serious dichotomy between expressed satisfaction and willingness to rehire the same firm.

Key areas of consulting challenges

  • Lack of Clarity in defining accountability
    Companies find difficulty in their holding the consulting firm responsible for project’s success
  • Defining & Measuring Project Deliverables:
    Companies lack clarity or devising mechanism to measure project deliverables / business outcomes
  • Change in Project Scope
  • One Fits All approach:
    Each project is unique and selecting the right consulting firm is one of the major success determiners

Bridging the gap

CMO - Consultant Management Office, is a specialised role that a boutique consultant firm plays in a consulting assignment, by mediating the client’s requirements & deliverables and ensures delivering maximum value out of the consulting firm(s).

In this specialised role, the consultant firm assumes itself as a part of Client’s office and helps the Client in:
Defining the project scope, deliverables, milestones.
Evaluating the RFP responses & EOI from the consulting firms.
Arriving at total project cost - for budgetary purpose.
Perform the best fit analysis (of the consulting firm & partner).
Determining the Financial exposure of the project based on Financial terms quoted by consulting firms.